For our clients, “billing” is not such a dreadful task.

From K.C. client- Thank you so much for doing all of these so fast and so well. You may not know how terrible some other billing people are- but I do and you and the others who work for you are simply and truthfully-the best.

Thank you for all the good work you do for ________________ (firm name- confidential).  You have done some amazing work for me personally this year on the _______________ billing files.  I appreciate your professionalism and effectiveness.

Happy New Year.  I look forward to another year of successful results in billing.

Thank you for your continued assistance with everything billing.  Without you, my business could not survive.

Your visit had an unexpectedly profound effect on me.  Thanks!  You are awesome and I am so glad to know you.

Thanks for all your hard work this year.  I really love you and appreciate what you have done for the firm.  You are really great, and so sweet to work with.

Thank you so much… your references love you to pieces.

You’ve been wonderful to work with and kept us financially stable for the past few years.

“Your assistance has been invaluable!”

“I am very pleased with your services (and I am often accused of being difficult to please).”

“YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT A RELIEF THIS IS TO ME!!!!!!  I am telling all of my attorney friends about you.”