For our clients, “billing” is not such a dreadful task.

From K.C. client- Thank you so much for doing all of these so fast and so well. You may not know how terrible some other billing people are- but I do and you and the others who work for you are simply and truthfully-the best.

Thanks- you LIFESAVER.

Thank you sooo much for all you do.  Every time this time of month comes around, I remember what a pain . . . it used to be to get all these invoices done and out . . . all the time I had to give up to only doing this one task . . . I cannot tell you how much I appreciate what you do for us.  Thank you!!!

Linda, you are the lifesaver of this business.

Your doing this for me makes a world of difference!

Thanks for ANOTHER smooth month.  You are the best!!!

Thank you.  We appreciate all you do, and fixing all of our “emergencies” all the time.

You’re a lifesaver.

You have been a big help to us.

Thank you for your very fine work on our billing.  As we reported today, our billing process has gone very smoothly since you have been doing our billing, and we are quite pleased with the great working relationship we have with you.

Thank you very much.  This is exactly what I was looking for.  (regarding reports generated)