For our clients, “billing” is not such a dreadful task.

From K.C. client- Thank you so much for doing all of these so fast and so well. You may not know how terrible some other billing people are- but I do and you and the others who work for you are simply and truthfully-the best.

I appreciate your timely bi-weekly reports. Without those reports, I would be unable to pay you- so we have a team effort relative to each of our businesses. One would not function without the other.

Thank you. Have a great day and upcoming weekend.

You really are the best thing to ever happen to me! These look great!

OMG THESE INVOICES ARE AWESOME! I will send you specific feedback in a bit when I have had the chance to review.

You have lifted so much off of my shoulders!!

I LOVE Linda Marine [Legal Billing Services], who handles all my billing long distance  . . . from Kansas City.  I pay a fraction of the cost of having someone here and she is absolutely awesome in every way . . . and flexible.  Blows away the level of expertise in people I have seen working in law offices.  I would not try anything new without first talking to her.

Thanks so much for putting up with me . . . and thanks again for the great work on ________________.

You are so wonderful to take care of me as you do.

I don’t know what I would do without you!

Thank you for all your help.

Thanks for keeping me on track – I need it!

I do have to tell you I already feel better, because I’m at least staying current now.  Thank you so much.  Your services have been a blessing to my business!